The summer issue of the Office VIBES® Magalogue is overflowing with bright and beautiful branded office supplies. it features a dazzling array of new innovations, a vibrant collection of your customer's favourite products and a range of must-have sustainable solutions for workplaces who want to reduce their impact on the environment. It's sunshine VIBES all the way!

Summer Issue Out Now!

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Marketing Assets

To help you promote Office VIBES® online and on your social media platforms, you can download a suite of marketing tools designed to raise awareness of the brilliant brands and to help you sell more.

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Engaging Editorials

In this edition, your customers can find out about how to be more productive with the Eat The Frog business method, Making The Most of Summer by leaving the office on time and guilt free, and about the latest trend of Meetings On The Move.

Eat The Frog

Meetings On The Move

Making the Most of Summer

Manufacturer Marketing Tools

To help you promote the brilliant brands featured in the Office VIBES® Magalogue, you can download a choice of manufacturer marketing tools that include videos, images, web banners, sales sheets, brochures and social content.

Brochure, Emails, Images, Video and Web Banners

Kensington Mice and Keyboards

Nobo Glass Whiteboards

Leitz WOW Desktop and Filing Red

GBC Foton 30 Automatic Laminator

Leitz Recycle Desktop and Filing

Centra Stapling and Punching

Rexel Love of Organisation

Blake Flora Recycled Envelopes

Blake Nature First Envelopes

Blake Premium Pure Envelopes

edding EcoLine and Returnbox

Inabox Designer Storage Boxes

Pukka Irlen Notebooks

Pukka Metallic Notebooks

Snopake ReBorn Filing

Rapesco 825 Hole Punches

Rapesco Bug Mini Staplers

Rapesco Germ Savvy™ Supafile

Rapesco Popper Wallets

Rapesco Supaclip

Rapesco Zippi Bags

Navigator Discovery Paper

TrueStart Coffee

STABILO Green BOSS® Highlighters

STABILO MARKdry Marker Pencils

STABILO pointball® Ballpoint Pens

Kensington Privacy Filters

Features, Images, Sales Sheets, Set Up Guides and Upsells

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Images, Social Images and Videos

Images, Videos and Web Banners




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Images and Videos

Images and Video


Images and Icons

Images and Sales Sheet

Images and Sales Sheet

Images and Sales Sheet


Images and Sales Sheet

Images and Sales Sheet

Eco Calculator and Web Banner

Flyers, Images, Social Media, Video and Web Banners

Images and Video

Images and Video

Images and Video

Henkel Pritt Sticks

Education Advert and Video

Catalogue Page, Images, Surface Benefits, Videos and Web Banners

Fellowes Breyta™ Portable Ergonomics

Adverts, Brochure, Email Signature, Icons, Sell Sheets, Web Banners

Fellowes Hana™ LT Ergonomics

Adverts, Brochures, Press Release and Web Banners

Deflecto Cool Breeze Desktop Accessories

Images and Web Banners

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